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Refund Policy & Cancellation

Refund Policy & Cancellation

We strive to deliver the highest level of quality and client satisfaction, so we have developed a comprehensive cancellation and refund protocol. We break down the job into stages to ensure we can properly manage each project. At OMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we understand that sometimes you may need to change your order or return an item. That’s why we offer a refund policy that covers both of these scenarios.

  • Before commencing a project, a thorough exploration and production of a scope of work document must occur. This ensures both sides have a full comprehension of the tasks necessary, preventing any potential cancellations, revisions, or disagreements

  • Since a certain amount of effort has gone into attaining each goal and completing each unit, reimbursement for the work that has already been accomplished is not feasible

  • If a project is terminated with the agreement of both parties, the customer will have authority over all the finished work and any payment for additional development will be rendered invalid. No refunds for prior payments or deposits.

  • Once the client has given their approval for the mock-up designs and the project has entered the development stage, no reimbursement will be made

  • No money will be given back by OMS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for any work that has been partially completed during a specific stage of the project.

  • Our marketing team's services that are offered for a particular period of time cannot be revoked or rescinded. These are exclusive offers and cannot be undone.

  • It is not possible to receive a reimbursement for SEO and digital marketing services, however, a customer is able to terminate their agreement by providing a written notice 30 days ahead of time.

  • Refunds are not available for any deposits or payments that are left untouched for more than a month or are no longer in progress.

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