Static Website Design

The team, working at Orbit media solution is expert to understand and design static website which is considered as an affordable website that displays your products or services online. Orbit media solution provides quality designing services for static design as our programming team is expert to create static sites. Static web designing is considered as the easiest website designing service as it does not involve any content management system.

Those who want to demonstrate their business online then static website is most suitable for them. Mostly static based website design is used for small businesses and brochure websites which play a vital role to approach customers to purchase products or services. It is also measured as a basic intermediation to set up contact with the clients.

Why to choose static website design?

  • Simple to create and easy to host
  • Cost lesser than any dynamic website design
  • Excellent navigation for search engines
  • Faster to download images and brochures
  • Web pages layout can be changed when desired
  • Complete control over content

Static Website Design Services

  • Understanding the business needs
  • Analyzing the clients requirement
  • Designing an appropriate layout
  • Placing ideal images, brochures in the layout of static website
  • Easy to navigate on any browser

How we deliver static website services to clients?

Before implementing any phase of designing static website the designing and development team at Orbit media solution understands the client�s requirement and specifications. As static website requires good programming, minimal scripting and excellent HTML coding our team is proficient to work in challenging environment and designs error free platform at minimal cost and in given time frame.